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We offer two ways of partnering with us on, Executive Search, exclusively for the Hotel, Hospitality and the Travel Trade industries.  We offer an entirely unique alternative service of day-to-day Talent Acquisition Consulting too, where may wish to handle multiple roles, at once or retain us for all search.  Scroll down for replacement policy.

 Talent Acquisition  Consulting

A complete alternative

A unique offering - no search fee, but a simple Talent Acquisition Consultancy
  • Charged at a daily US$ rate for a fixed number of days agreed on upfront, plus travel and accommodation charges if any.
  • Much work can be achieved remotely to contain your costs.


Ideal for an independent or franchise hotel, small hotel group CEO or Owner.


  • When a critical executive position to fill arises, such as a COO, specialist VP, GM. 

  • But you don't have the time to handle scores of potentially good candidates flooding in from friends and ads

  • Or they want us to do the advertising too.  


For GM and above positions 


  • Our Partner will interview the final candidates by WhatsApp or facetime and with you if you wished?

  • Help finalize negotiations. 

  • And we conduct psychometric assessment via our in-house licensed agent if needed in addition to our general personality, character and leadership competency assessment.


We will not conduct a search but handle the whole hiring process for you: Acknowledging all candidates, professionally interviewing, shortlisting, reference checking, writing of a detailed report and recommend a shortlist of two - so the client can get on with running his business!

Committed Search

The most cost-effective search.

  • GM & Above Property Bespoke Search Globally.

  • An almost fully retained search firm depth of work conducted on a confidential, bespoke basis for a low Contingency level fee.

  • No appointment - no fee

  • An exclusive assignment for 8-weeks.

  • We'd be delighted to discuss our amazingly low fee approach with you.


  • The Middle East & Africa & The Caribbean only we offer search at:

  • Excom jobs below GM and HOD jobs.

  • No appointment - no fee

  • An exclusive assignment for 4-weeks.

  • We'd be delighted to discuss our amazingly low fee approach with you.



Why are we further different​?

  • For volume business clients, we base our fees on annual base salary only at Excom & HOD level.

  • We never try to sell a client to a candidate, nor a candidate to a job and company.  

  • If we'd hire them, we'll market them to you.

  • This is a bespoke service at a lower price point because you committed to us.

  • Full Psychometric Assessment can be conducted for an even greater match.

Replacement Policy
Fees are payable within 30-days of a candidate's starting date. There are no rebates of fees or Admin charges paid.  However, should any candidate resign or be terminated for reasonable cause in the first 3-months, we will be pleased to provide an additional short list of two candidates at no charge, within 30-days where possible.  
In some countries, local law may require value-added taxes be added to our invoice to services provided by us if our office is in the same country.
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