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We offer two levels of partnering with us on Executive Search, exclusively for the Hotel, Hospitality, and Travel Trade industries.  We also provide a unique alternative service of day-to-day Talent Acquisition Consulting.  

 Talent Acquisition  Consulting

A complete alternative

Ideal for an independent or franchise hotel, small hotel group, or Owner.

A unique offering where we do not search - no search fee, but offer clients a Talent Acquisition Consulting Service.
  • Charged at a daily flat US$ rate for a fixed number of days agreed on upfront.  For 30-days or more continuous hire, at a 30% discount from our daily flat-rate fee.
  • Most work can be achieved virtually to contain any additional costs.
  • A critical executive position arises, such as a COO, specialist VP, or unique  GM role. 

  • And the client has several recommended candidates or receives scores of great candidates from ads they placed and then discovered that they do not have the time to handle the volume.

  • Or they want us to do the advertising, not search.  


For GM, Above Property Positions, senior roles such as a Michelin Chef, or Professionals hired in unique functions such as a Hotel Historian.


  • We will talk to each candidate, assess, shortlist, interview the final candidates in-depth virtually, conduct leadership competency, personality, and character assessment, and take up references.

  • We set up final interviews with the client and helped finalize the package and hire date negotiations. 

  • We can conduct a full psychometric assessment via our in-house licensed agent if needed, in addition to our general personality and character assessment - and write a full report on two shortlisted candidates to present to the client.


We will not search but handle the whole hiring process - so our clients can get on with running their business!


  • We never try to sell a client to a candidate, nor a candidate to a job.  

  • If we owned your business, and we'd hire them, we'll market them to you.  However, if we are not 100% sure we'd hire them, we will not present them.

  • This is a far greater depth of service than most any Contingency Search firm at a lower price because you committed to us.

  • We can conduct a full Psychometric Assessment if a client wishes.

Committed Search

The most cost-effective search.


Our Commitment To Clients

  • In return for our client's commitment to us, we give them an almost full Retained Search firm service at Contingency Search fee costs - giving clients a true value for money investment!

  • No hire - no fee.

  • Fees of only 18% of annual gross salary, and target bonus (Not, the typical retained firm fee of 33% of the entire dollar value of the package). 

  • We present two shortlisted candidates usually within 4 weeks, after turning stones globally as needed.  We typically assess 10-20 candidates, before an in-depth half-day assessment of four.

  • Presenting clients with 5 key reports on each:-            - Career and position match Summary.                 Resume                                                                        - Leadership Competency                                        - Personality & Character                                          - References fresh from direct managers. 

  • Positions included in this category would be property General Manager (With title variations), Country, Area, Regional and Corporate Manager/Director/VP, and above.

  • This category also includes specialist property roles such as a Michelin level Executive Chef, and Professionals engaged for unique guest experiences such as a Genealogist or Historian.


Our Clients Commitment to us.

  • In return for the above depth of service and low fees, our clients are serious about our handling their search

  • Appointing us exclusively for 8weeks, and, 

  • Making an up-front Admin payment to us of $3,000, which is fully deductible from our placement fee, therefore costing committed clients no more than our much lower.

  • Our policy affirms, no placement, no fee.




We conduct Bespoke Search Globally.

A greater depth of work is conducted on a strictly confidential basis at a Contingency level fee.

  • An up-front Admin Fee of only $1,500, fully deductible from our placement fee is charged.

  • No appointment - no fee.

  • Assignments are exclusive to us for 4-weeks.

  • Our fees are only 15% of annual gross salary, and target bonus or commissions, as included.

  • Presenting clients with 3 key reports on each:Career and position match Summary.                (Interviews based on leadership competencies).         Resume                                                                        - References fresh from direct managers.      

Fee Payment Terms & Replacement Policy
Our fees are payable within 30-days of a candidate's starting date.
There are no rebates of Fees or Admin charges paid.  
However, we will be pleased to provide an additional shortlist of two candidates at no charge, within 30-days, where possible, if a candidate resigns or is terminated for reasonable cause in the first 3-months from their start date. 
Reasonable cause only applies if such reason falls under the definition of the national employment laws in the country they are hired.  
Employees who resign claiming Constructive Dismissal or for being asked to carry out duties incompatible with their job description is not paid by the terms of their employment, are made redundant due to Covid, or otherwise are let go for any other reason than for a legal breach of national employment or other criminal acts - do not qualify the employer for replacement candidate services.  Such separation circumstances do not fall under reasonable cause for replacement candidates at no fee. 

In some countries such as the EU, local law may require value-added taxes to be added to our invoice to our services if our office is in the same country or regional union. Otherwise, all our fees carry no such taxes.

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