"Every moment is a fresh beginning"   
T. S. Elliot - 

Our fees are an investment - not a cost

Hiring the right the first time drives employee and guest satisfaction and results in increased occupancy, revenues, profit and ROI to an owner.  We're not a cost but an investment. 

For clients:

We undertake bespoke & confidential executive search and selection assignments across the hotel, hospitality, and travel & leisure industries (spas, golf, sports).  We specialize in Corporate, Regional, Area, and GM roles globally.  We offer an Excom & Head Of Department (HOD) search service too.  Uniquely we offer you 2 different ways to work with us to suit your individual business needs and budget.  Click on "2 Unique Services" above to discover more.  We'll always be frank too about a candidate's suitability and match, as building a long-term partnership trust is key, not 'selling you a candidate" and grabbing fees.  

  For candidates:  

We treat your career move with confidentiality, and neither your name nor CV would ever be known to a client whose search we're working on, without your approval.  We never try to sell a candidate to a company or a company to a candidate - we only make sound matches through a passionate approach to finding the right fit for the company, the job, and the candidate.  


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